Saturday, October 13, 2007


“Marami na akong kilala na may memorial plans. Ayon sa kanila, maganda daw kapag may plano ka na at magiging maayos ang lahat pagdaing ng araw. Bukod ditto, mababait at maayos ang mga tao sa kumpanyang aking pinagkuhanan ng plano at magaling makiharap sa pamilya. Para sa akin, magandang servisyo yun.”
– T. Bacosa

“A trusted friend presented me an education plan and told me all about its benefits. At first I was hesitant because such product was not yet popular back then. But because I trusted my friend and she was able o convince me that her company is stable, I bought one for my daughter. Because of her good service, I bought one for my son soon after. Today my children are benefiting from that decision, and I’m glad I did it.”
Crispin Real

“Pre-need was referred to me by my friend who was able to use the service for his father. Aside from the affordable plans and he fact that I do not want to worry about my future, the pre-need company provides fast yet good and friendly service. They take care of everything.”
–Elisa Tecson

“After a lot of my father’s belt tightening so he can religiously pay for our educational plans’ installments, I was able to enjoy the benefits of the plan when I started college in 2003. Definitely, it was a big thing for my father to be relieved of the burden brought about by the additional expenses of my schooling, like my allowance, transportation and cost of school supplies, which the educational plan likewise provide as part of the education package.”
– Xyris Millo

“I have always been an advocate of planning ahead. When the government mandated that companies set up a retirement fund for employees, I scouted for a company which would satisfy our needs. I found this in this particular pre-need company. I found the personal the personal management approach of the sales agent very much to my liking. All our questions were answered satisfactorily. I believe we were given a very good coverage. When the time of our maturity approached, our checks were promptly given o us. We had no fear of not being able to give the retirement fund due our employees.”
– Sylvia Rodriguez

“Our mother died during he interment day of our elder sister, we were not only emotionally down but also financially troubled because of her hospitalization dues. We were relieved when we found out that our mother obtained a memorial life plan. The pre-need company made it hazzle-free for us when coordinating with the servicing mortuary since the employees there were the ones personally coordinating with the mortuary.

During the lamenting period of our mother, we always share to our friends on how grateful we were that our mother had a memorial life plan and even convinced them to get their memorial life plans as well.”
– Nenita Samson

“When my sister passed away, her pension was not enough to cover the expenses. I had to borrow money to pay the hospital expenses when she was previously hospitalized. I had no money. My sister also did not have a family of her own to pay for the funeral expenses. Luckily, we found out she was able to obtain a memorial plan when she was still alive. This relieved us of indebtedness and worries.”
- Josefina Unabia

“I availed the pension plan kasi alam kong kakailanganin ko ito sa future. Gusto kong magbakasyon abroad without thinking of limited finances. Iba talaga pag may inaasahan.”
– Dr. Rodolfo Sabater

“When I got my pre-need plans many years ago, I knew I was in good hands. Kilala ang kumpanyang pinagkuhanan ko, at malakas ang mother company nito. Dun pa lang nakasisiguro na ako. Now that I am retired and older, I have funds that I can use for my needs, I don’t need to ask support from my children.”
– Melvin Carreon

“Importante ang edukasyon ng mga anak naming. You never know what he future holds, or if we can afford to send our kids to school. Malaki ang tulong ng education plans, affordable sya, safe pa.”
– Julie Sun

“Minsan ok ang negosyo, minsan bumabagsak. Pag matanda na ako, ayoko na isipin kung saan ako kukuha ng pera, gusto ko nag-rerelax na ako. Mabuti na lang at nakakasiguro ako sa nakuha kong pension plans.”
– Benito Caraan, Jr.

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